Education and Development

Tuition Reimbursement Program

An educational assistance program is available to benefits-eligible employees who have completed at least 832 hours of continuous employment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The program pays tuition and lab fees after satisfactory completion of approved course work. Annual reimbursement limits are $3,000 for undergraduate students and $3,500 for graduate students. Reimbursement for part-time employees is pro-rated according to FTE status at the beginning of the term. Employees receiving tuition assistance are obligated to continue their employment at the same or greater level of hours for up to one year after the end of the most recent term.

College Advantage

The Ohio Tuition Trust Authority has partnered with Putnam Investments to create College Advantage – a Section 529 Qualified State Tuition Program for college savings. Employees can participate in this program through the monthly payroll deduction plan.

Career Gateway Training & Development

The Residences at Career Gateway, located at Whittier Street and Heyl Avenue, is a new complex that combines multi-family housing with on-site job training and career development. Nationwide Children’s offers training to tenants and neighborhood residents for specific job openings. Trainings include skills that are necessary for success in any position, such as effective communication and handling workplace conflict. When hired, job coaching supports employees in their position and assists them in developing their skills in a way that supports job growth and advancement.

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