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Visitor Restrictions

To protect our patients during viral season, it is necessary to restrict inpatient visitors.

Visitor Restrictions - Effective Nov. 27, 2017

To protect our patients during viral season, it is necessary to restrict inpatient visitors in all intensive care units, all neonatal units, H4A, H8A and Hematology/Oncology.

Beginning Monday, November 27 (through approximately mid-March), all visitors to these units must be healthy and 12 years of age and older. This includes siblings.

Patients/parents in these units will be asked to identify up to four additional people, 12 years of age and older, they wish to visit during their stay.

The four names given will be listed in the patient’s medical record. Only visitors with their name listed will be able to visit the patient for the duration of visitor restrictions.

Hand washing is the easiest and number one way to protect the ones you love from infection all year, but particularly during viral and flu season.

Ways to keep in touch with patients when restrictions are in place:

  • Send a greeting card to a patient! These get delivered directly to the patients.

  • Check out our electronic wishing tree!

  • Patients can borrow Skype units from the Family Resource Center – plan a time to talk!

  • Visitors can call the Gift Shop and purchase a Family Gift Card to be delivered to patients.

  • Parents can visit and drop off younger siblings at The Clubhouse, a sibling care center.

  • Most of our patients have access to the Internet through our Patient Edutainment system, so siblings, family and friends can use social media to stay in touch!

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