Strategic Plan

Our vision remains unchanged. We aspire to create the best outcomes for children everywhere. This means families come to Nationwide Children’s Hospital knowing they will get the highest quality care. It means we will reach to cure rare diseases. It means we will sequence your child’s tumor to select the best care pathway. It means we will strive to make an entire population healthier, not just through their physical health, but also in their mental health. It means we will redefine the role of the children’s hospital in the achievement of optimal health.

How Will We Get There?

By attracting and retaining the best people to grow the best programs.

First and foremost, Nationwide Children’s is a pre-eminent, destination pediatric health care facility that manages the most complex of diseases and treats the sickest of patients. Through our pre-eminent research and clinical programs, we build tertiary and quaternary services of such quality that they attract patients from across the country and around the world. To sustain our role as an industry leader, our primary strategy, and where we will make our largest investment, is in these integrated research and clinical programs.

There are four major “Accelerators” in which we will be investing during the course of this plan. These are differentiating strategies in which Nationwide Children’s is poised to become — or in the case of Quality and Population Health – is already serving as, a national leader. By pursuing these “accelerators” on our journey, Nationwide Children’s will differentiate itself from other leading children’s hospitals.

Finally, there are four “Core Strategies” that help us achieve these goals. Our efforts in these areas — education, growth, operational excellence and our “One Team” culture — provide a strong, solid foundation from which we can grow and advance our clinical and research programs.

Nationwide Children's Hospital
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