Resources for Professionals

The Transport Team utilizes a variety of modes of transportation, allowing us to provide extended transport services throughout the United States. Regardless of the type of vehicle, your child or patient will be cared for directly by Nationwide Children’s Transport Team. These modes of transport include:

  • Mobile Intensive Care Units: The Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU’s) are specially designed and fully equipped to enable the Transport Team to maintain patients in a stable condition while en route to Nationwide Children's.
  • Helicopter: Through a cooperative agreement with MedFlight, Nationwide Children’s Transport Team is capable of transporting patients via helicopter. Metro Aviation of Shreveport, Louisiana is the 135 certificate holder for MedFlight.
  • Fixed wing aircraft: Nationwide Children’s Transport Team, through cooperative agreements with Airmed International and MedCenter Air, is capable of transporting patients cross country or internationally via medically equipped jet aircraft. 

To Arrange a Transport 24 Hours a Day

Call the Nationwide Children's Hospital Physician Direct Connect Line at (877) 355-0221 or (614) 355-0221, to speak to an RN who can connect you to the Transport Team or to an attending physician who can help you with care issues and transport decisions.