Center for the Epidemiological Study of Organ Failure & Transplantation (CESOT)

The Center for the Epidemiological Study of Organ Failure and Transplantation (CESOT) is a multidisciplinary research collaboration among Nationwide Children’s Hospital, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and The Ohio State University Colleges of Medicine and Public Health. To improve outcomes in transplantation worldwide, research partnerships with national and international institutions of higher learning have also been established. 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Center for Pediatric Transplant Research

The Center for Pediatric Transplant Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital conducts collaborative research to optimize clinical outcomes in pediatric transplant recipients. With a multidisciplinary approach, researchers perform a broad range of projects with a focus on the epidemiology of organ failure and transplantation in children.


To lead evidence-based transplant care and research to achieve optimal outcomes for adult and pediatric transplant recipients.


Research: Conduct high quality research investigating clinical outcomes in adults and children who have undergone organ transplantation.

Policy: Contribute to the known body of work in adult and pediatric transplantation that will both improve patient management and advance regulatory policies that will positively impact the lives of transplant recipients.

Education: Provide training and mentoring for trainees or learners at all levels including students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty.

Partnership: Collaborate with national and international transplant clinicians, educators, and researchers to promote and enhance transplant research.

Principal Investigators

Affiliate Faculty

  • Dmitry Tumin, PhD, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine

Research Support

The Center for the Epidemiological Study of Organ Failure and Transplantation provides support for research at all levels including study design, access to large databases, statistical support, data analysis, and manuscript development. We also provide assistance in grant writing and mentoring.