IBD Quality Improvement

View an inspiring short film about the work of ImproveCareNow by filmmaker Jesse Dylan, including Nationwide Children's Wallace Crandall, MD, Director of the Quality Division of ImproveCareNow and a member of the Executive Committee among other leaders in the collaborative.

ImproveCareNow is an unprecedented effort focusing on quality of care and overall outcomes of IBD patients. Nationwide Children's Hospital, one of the leaders in this collaborative, participates with other major institutions from across the country to share information to benefit patients everywhere. This innovative, multi-institution, team-based approach to medical care is helping children and adolescents with Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis feel better sooner and do better longer. Learn more.

NCH IBD Remission Rate

The principles learned and developed in conjunction with ImproveCareNow have been integrated into our IBD program. Likewise, the successful tools and processes developed here have been shared with ImproveCareNow and, as a result, have been implemented by other sites across the country. Through the use of these quality improvement methods, we have seen improvements in a variety of process and outcome measures, most notably an increase in clinical remission rates from a baseline of approximately 50 percent to 84 percent currently, one of the highest rates in the network – giving our patients one of the highest rates of remission in the country.