Annual IBD Office Visit

All patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) will have a comprehensive office visit once a year. This appointment takes the place of a regular office visit, so you do not have to make an extra trip to the hospital. During the annual visit, you will meet with the Nurse Practitioner, Psychology Provider, Dietitian and Social Worker. All of these providers are members of your child’s medical team and are experts in pediatric IBD care.

Here are some examples of what to expect from each team member at the visit:

Nurse Practitioner
  • Complete medical history and physical exam
  • Order and review labs and other tests
  • Refill medications and adjust doses, if needed
  • Review routine health care recommendations
  • Provide ongoing education about diagnosis, treatment and tests
  • Help with transition readiness (starting ~14 years of age) and coordinate transfer to adult care, when appropriate
Psychology Provider
  • Screen for depression, anxiety and quality of life
  • Support positive coping and adjustment to life with IBD
  • Aid patients with challenges including trouble swallowing pills, taking medications regularly and fear of needles
  • Encourage health ownership and independence for teens
  • Assess for high-risk behaviors and work on risk reduction
  • Refer to GI Psychology or one of our community providers
  • Support patients in achieving a healthy weight
  • Review diet and nutrition labs
  • Discuss diet options for treatment of IBD
  • Evaluate supplements being used or considered
Social Worker
  • Assist with school accommodations
  • Complete forms for school and work (504 Plan, FMLA)
  • Assist with insurance/financial needs (co-pays, BCMH)
  • Identify barriers to care and help find solutions
  • Guide patients/families on health-related self-advocacy

Annual IBD visits are designed to care for the whole IBD patient and their family. Please allow 90 minutes for this appointment, and talk to your gastrointestinal provider with any questions.