Early Peanut Intervention Clinic

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The Early Peanut Introduction Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital assesses infants who are at high risk to develop a peanut allergy. Our goal is to significantly reduce peanut allergies for at-risk infants (before 12 months of age) through early peanut introduction.

Why Focus on Early Introduction?

New research identified a preventive strategy to significantly reduce the risk of peanut allergy through early introduction. New clinical guidelines regarding assessment of at-risk infants are forthcoming.

How Does It Work?

  • Eligible infants will undergo allergy skin prick testing to determine peanut allergy risk. 

  • Infants without strong allergy skin prick responses will undergo a supervised feeding of an age-appropriate, peanut-containing food.

  • If successful, families will keep peanuts in their child’s diet at least 3 times a week.

Who is Eligible?

  • Infants 4-11 months of age

  • No prior peanut ingestion or history of peanut reactions

  • Infants with difficult-to-control eczema (regular use of topical steroids for 2 weeks or longer) and/or history of known egg or other food allergy

Who is Not Eligible?

  • Infants older than 11 months

  • Any child with a known peanut allergy

  • Infants who do not have eczema or known egg/food allergy 

Referral Information

Physician referral is required. To refer a patient, please call (614) 722-5112.

The Clinic will occur one Friday afternoon per month, and we can accommodate 8 new patients per Clinic.

Note: This Clinic does not address concerns for other types of food allergies, eczema management or any other allergic conditions. Please refer patients with these concerns to the Allergy & Immunology Clinic for thorough assessment and management recommendations.