Haiku and Canto

This guide is intended to help setup a mobile device with the Epic App built for the device and connect it to Nationwide Children's Hospital.


Search in your device’s app store for the corresponding app you want to install.

Haiku is a mobile app designed for physicians. Haiku can be used with the Apple iPhone® or Android smartphones.

Click the buttons below to download Haiku:

Apple App Store Button     Google Play Button

Canto is Epic's application for handheld chart access on the Apple iPad® device. Designed for physicians.

Click to button below to download Canto:

Apple App Store Button

After the download is complete, from your device, click on the appropriate link.

Haiku        Canto

If the link does not direct you to open the app on your device, please copy and paste the full version below into the address bar.

*Note, you may need use an alternative browser on your device such as Firefox if Chrome or Safari performs a web search instead of directly using the link.