Posted by: Olivia Thomas, MD on Apr 13, 2021

Last year, Nationwide Children’s launched a new movement for the entire hospital to “Stand Against Racism, Stand for Health Equity.” Most people know what we mean when we say we “Stand Against Racism,” even if it’s not always understood just how much of a crisis racism is for children’s health.

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Aug 29, 2016

Sometimes, when a baby is born too early and their lungs aren’t developed enough, they need to be given oxygen through a machine in order to breathe. Unfortunately, over time, this can damage the lung’s fragile airways and air sacks, ultimately leading to a condition called bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). Read More

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May 23, 2016

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Mar 08, 2014

Guest post written by Megan Mompher, mom to Blake I have never been as scared in my life as the moment when I found out my unborn son had spina bifida. Blake’s future was unknown and my husband and I had no idea what to expect. Read More

Blake's Journey: Transport to Nationwide Children's Hospital

Mar 04, 2014

Yesterday we introduced you to the Mompher family, whose son Blake was born with spina bifida and needed to be transported to Nationwide Children’s within hours of his birth. Care for babies like Blake is carefully planned out months in advance. Read More

Born with Spina Bifida: Blake’s Journey Home

Mar 03, 2014

We start taking care of many patients before they are even born. All this week, we’re taking you on a journey with one of those babies. Nationwide Children’s spent 5 months documenting key moments in the lives of the Mompher family. Read More

CHD Parent: You are not Alone

Feb 14, 2014

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having a husband, living in a house and having children. I never thought about my child having a health issue. Read More

From a Former NICU Mommy

Dec 06, 2013

Benjamin Miller filmed his son’s first year, posted the video online on his wife’s birthday and the beautiful touching story went viral on YouTube with currently more than 7 million views. Ward finally got to go home after spending more than 100 days in our NICU. Read More