Posted by: Sheena Pace on Sep 14, 2022

Environmental Services Week is a time to show appreciation for the workers who make sure health care facilities are kept clean, sanitary, and safe.

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Why I Created the Make Safe Happen App

Mar 09, 2015

In 2010, my husband and I learned that we were expecting triplets. I will not tell you exactly what I said when the doctor did the ultrasound, but “Oh wow!” is a polite paraphrase. Read More

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It has always been my dream to take all aspects of a patient’s care that involves problems in the pelvic area — including problems with the colon, urologic system, gynecologic system and the gastrointestinal system — and create a team that coordinates well and collaborates to Read More

Medical Mission to Honduras

Mar 14, 2014

This weekend, a team of pediatric specialists will be traveling from Columbus to Honduras to conduct a one week medical/surgical mission devoted to children with complex abnormalities of the genital and urinary tracts. Read More

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Mar 04, 2014

Yesterday we introduced you to the Mompher family, whose son Blake was born with spina bifida and needed to be transported to Nationwide Children’s within hours of his birth. Care for babies like Blake is carefully planned out months in advance. Read More

Born with Spina Bifida: Blake’s Journey Home

Mar 03, 2014

We start taking care of many patients before they are even born. All this week, we’re taking you on a journey with one of those babies. Nationwide Children’s spent 5 months documenting key moments in the lives of the Mompher family. Read More

Dear Nicu Mom: You Are Finally Going Home

Nov 12, 2013

I am a NICU mom. For the past 175 days, I have been a NICU mom. I have watched my daughter grow and thrive inside the walls of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. I have ridden the NICU rollercoaster, with all of its ups and downs, and it has been a tumultuous, bumpy ride. Read More

What Is a Hero?

Aug 02, 2013

Growing up, I always thought I knew what a hero was. At first, my heroes were Batman and Superman. Later, as I learned to love sports, my heroes became talented athletes who played on my favorite teams. Read More