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Posted by: Andrea Brun, CPNP-PC , Ibrahim Khansa, MD on May 07, 2019

A hemangioma is a benign tumor of blood vessels. It usually appears around 2-4 weeks of age as a small red-pink patch. It then grows rapidly for 5-6 months and continues to grow slowly until 1 year of age.

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Birthmarks: When Should Parents Be Concerned?

May 03, 2018

While birthmarks can be a significant source of concern to parents, most are harmless and require no treatment. Learn when you should be concerned. Read More

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Breast Reduction Surgery: When Is It Necessary for a Young Woman?

Mar 02, 2018

Breast size can be affected by weight fluctuations, so it is important to be at a stable, healthy weight for at least six months to one year prior to considering surgery. Read More

Brachial Plexus: What You Need to Know About This Childbirth Complication

Dec 27, 2016

It is very rare for newborns to be injured during childbirth. However, each year during the delivery process, about one out of 1,000 babies sustain injury to a network of nerves in their neck called the brachial plexus. Read More

Cleft Lip and Palate: Taking the Team Approach

Nov 11, 2016

Care for a child with a cleft lip and palate begins at birth and continues through early adulthood. Although there may be challenges, such as multiple operations or years of speech therapy, most children and families travel this journey with strength and grace and teach us all that resilience is Read More

Feeding an Infant with Cleft Lip and Palate

Nov 09, 2016

Feeding a newborn baby is one of the first joys, or potential challenges, when welcoming a new bundle of joy into the family. For infants with cleft lip and/or palate, feeding is often a significant hurdle to overcome. Read More

Cleft Lip and Palate: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Nov 07, 2016

A cleft lip is a split or separation of the upper lip; often involving the upper gum line as well. Clefts may affect one side (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral) of the lip. In nearly all cases, clefts of the lip affect the tip of the nose as well. Read More

Nasal Speech: What Parents Need to Know

Aug 22, 2016

We've all experienced an abnormally "nasal" sound to our voice when we have nasal congestion or large tonsils and adenoids. This is called hyponasal speech. In some cases the opposite may be true. Read More