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Safe Spacing and Birth Outcomes: Why It's Beneficial to Wait Between Pregnancies

May 09, 2018
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Why Wait Two Years to Have Another Baby?

Waiting two years between babies:

  • Gives your body time to heal and replace the iron, vitamins and folic acid lost during pregnancy and delivery, making your body more prepared to carry another baby
  • Reduces the chances that your next baby will be born too soon, too small or with health concerns compared to babies carried full-term
  • Reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy
  • Gives you time to bond with your new baby and save money before introducing another baby into the family

There are many easy, safe and effective methods of birth control available including low maintenance methods that last for years and are reliable and reversible.

Learn more about all the birth control methods available. Talk to your health care provider about all of the options available and find the one that’s best for you.

Reproductive Life Plans

Another tool available to help increase the likelihood that babies are safely spaced is a Reproductive Life Plan. A Reproductive Life Plan is a physical plan that states when the parent wants to have another baby.

The Reproductive Life Plan provides a platform for parents to examine personal goals and values and a timeline to accomplish those goals. It also provides education about birth control options and a tool to help parents determine which method may be best for them. All methods, including long acting reversible methods such as IUDs and contraceptive implants, should be easily accessible and free of charge to eliminate any barriers to safely spacing pregnancies. A Reproductive Life Plan helps formulate a plan and obtain a selected method to ensure safely spaced pregnancies.

Waiting two years before getting pregnant again is healthier for mom, for baby and the whole family. More time reduces the risk of health problems for mom and baby. Planning for pregnancy and finding a method of birth control can help with safe spacing. It’s Great 2 Wait for 2!

For more information about Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Teen and Pregnant Program, or to learn about reproductive health services including prenatal care, postpartum care and birth control options for teens and young adults, click here.

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Angela Abenaim
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