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Craniosynostosis Program

The Craniosynostosis Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital treats patients that have been identified as potentially having a skull disorder called craniosynostosis.

In many cases an infant with a misshapen head may simply have positional plagiocephaly which is not known to affect brain growth or development.  However, in some cases, a misshapen head is an indication of craniosynostosis

The skull is formed by multiple different bones.  The junctions between the bones are called sutures.  Craniosynostosis occurs when one or more of the sutures closes early.  Early suture closure can cause the skull to grow in an unusual shape.  Sometimes, early suture closure can also restrict overall skull growth which may be harmful to the brain inside which is trying to grow.  

Although some craniosynostosis diagnoses can be made with an office examination alone, often imaging will be used to more closely examine the cranial sutures and confirm the diagnosis.  Here at Nationwide Children’s we use a special CT scan that provides 3D views of the skull using an ultra-low radiation dose equal to that of only a few regular x-rays. 

Our pediatric neurosurgeons are trained in treating children with craniosynostosis using some of the most advanced surgical techniques and equipment.  Whenever possible, we conduct minimally invasive surgeries requiring only small incisions.  Whether performing a traditional surgery or a minimally invasive procedure, our goal is to correct the shape of a child’s head and allow normal brain growth, all to deliver the best outcome for every child.


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