Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: Journey to Best Outcomes

Our vision remains unchanged.

We aspire to create the best outcomes for children everywhere. This means families come to Nationwide Children’s Hospital knowing they will get the highest quality care. It means we will reach to cure rare diseases. It means we will sequence your child’s tumor to select the best care pathway. It means we will strive to make an entire population healthier, not just through their physical health, but also in their mental health. It means we will redefine the role of the children’s hospital in the achievement of optimal health. 

How do we make this happen at Nationwide Children's Hospital? We base our work on the foundation of attracting and retaining the best people to grow the best programs. 

Much of the driving force behind our success comes from the diverse and dedicated staff at Nationwide Children's Hospital. A place where Everyone Matters, we celebrate the knowledge, experience and commitment our array of employees bring to our culture. This roadmap for success will enable us to continue to fulfill our promise that, “When your child needs a hospital, everything matters.”

Success Grounded in our Accelerators and Core Strategies

Nationwide Children’s strategic plan sets us apart from other institutions due to the ambitious goal to improve children’s health beyond the traditional reach of the hospital. Working beyond our walls, we embrace the responsibility of caring for all children, not just those who come through the hospital doors.

An integrated health care delivery system and a network of health care, academic, and community partners produce powerful preventative care for many children. By advocating for nutritious school lunches, providing school on-site care, investing in educational programs to help in the prevention of suicide and managing mental health, and leading the fight to end child abuse, allows Nationwide Children’s to play a part in making sure children reach their full potential

There are major “accelerators” in which we will be investing during the course of this plan. These are differentiating strategies in which Nationwide Children’s is poised to become — or in the case of Quality and Population Health – is already serving as, a national leader. By pursuing these accelerators on our journey, Nationwide Children’s will as we achieve our unique vision of best outcomes for children everywhere.

There are also four core strategies to help us achieve these goals.

Our efforts in these areas — education, growth, operational excellence and our “One Team” culture — provide a strong, solid foundation from which we can grow and advance our clinical and research programs.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral HealthOur unparalleled investment in behavioral health clinical services and research is a natural strategy that further cements our position as a visionary and aspirational champion for the well-being of children everywhere.

  • Fully integrating physical health with behavioral health, to create a comprehensive treatment program for children with behavioral disease
  • Expanding access to acute and intermediate levels of care
  • Establishing Ohio's first dedicated pediatric psychiatric emergency department
  • Developing prevention programs aimed at identifying risk behaviors and preventing their escalation

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Quality, Safety & Service

Quality, Safety & ServiceNationwide Children's is leading the country in quality and safety.

  • Leading national pediatric quality and safety efforts by training the next generation of QI leaders through our QI fellowship and disseminating QI knowledge and science through the Pediatric Quality and Safety Journal
  • Expanding focus on communication in interdisciplinary health teams
  • Establishing the first health care focused "Safety II" program emphasizing on what goes right and how to replicate it throughout the institution
  • Developing a diagnostic error program to reduce missed or unidentified health issues

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GenomicsOur investment in genomics will truly redefine what disease is, and how it should be treated.

  • Leading the shift from "one treatment fits all" to individual care plans based on precision diagnostics
  • Expanding bio-banking services
  • Establishing the Institute for Genomic Medicine, focused on diagnosing disease in children with undiagnosable syndromes
  • Developing genetic testing for patients through the integration of clinical and research genomics labs

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Population Health

Population HealthWe have invested in innovative payment models to better serve populations of children, in projects that address the social determinants of health, and in collaboration with like-minded partners to build social equity in our communities.

  • Leading the effort to eliminate inequities in child health across the region
  • Expanding Partners for Kids to cover behavioral health, as a comprehensive accountable care organization
  • Establishing screening programs to identify - and treat - social determinants of health
  • Developing school-based programs to reach kids in their natural environment

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Facility Growth Supports Care and Research

Nationwide Children’s is a pre-eminent, destination pediatric health care facility that manages the most complex of diseases and treats the sickest of patients. Through our pre-eminent research and clinical programs, we build tertiary and quaternary services of such quality that they attract patients from across the country and around the world.