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Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families: Update to the Community

The Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families initiative, composed of faith-based organizations, community development organizations, youth-serving nonprofits and local public schools, seeks to create positive health outcomes in the community.

The focus is on revitalizing Columbus’ South Side, the area around Nationwide Children’s, to support the health and well-being of children and families living in the 43205, 43206 and 43207 zip codes.

The HNHF initiative targets five impact areas: affordable housing, education, health and wellness, safe and accessible neighborhoods, and workforce development.

See how the work of all these organizations is impacting Columbus' South Side and read personal stories. 

Report on Behavioral and Mental Health in Central Ohio Youth

One in five children is faced with a mental disorder before the age of 12. And with the soaring demand in mental health treatment for young people comes a steep rise in the complexity and severity of their illnesses. In some way, everyone is touched by mental illness.

Nationwide Children’s contributed to a community-wide report discussing behavioral and mental health in central Ohio youth. Our hope is to draw attention to these diseases and gain support for all those affect. Read personal stories and learn more at