Social Teaching and Rehearsing (STAR) Program

STAR Program is a social group program offered by Nationwide Children's Hospital. The program teaches children the fundamental social skills necessary to build relationships. It is composed of preschool, elementary and middle school children.

Social groups are recommended for children who:

  • Need help developing their pragmatic language skills to more age appropriate levels
  • Need help learning to cooperate and play appropriately with peers
  • Have higher level language skills - it is important that your child be very verbal
  • Are able to participate in group activities without requiring many sensory breaks

Children should have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and core language skills within normal limits. 


  • “The Little Dippers” (Preschool, ages 3-6) 
  • “The Comets” (Elementary, ages 6-11) 
  • “The Asteroids” (Middle School ages 11-13) 

Topics Covered

  • Greeting
  • Body Language
  • Turn-taking
  • Topic Maintenance
  • Conversation Cues
  • Play/ Games with Peers

Additional Information

  • Groups are implemented by one Speech Language Pathologist  (ratio of 1:4 or 1:5)

  • STAR sessions last approximately 10-12 weeks and are offered four times per year.

  • Children may attend 1-2 sessions (treating therapist makes recommendations following session completion; child may go back on waiting list for another group at a later date)

  • Groups are scheduled based on age and need from our waiting list

  • Each patient is charged a one hour extended Speech Therapy group charge (insurance that covers traditional speech therapy will also cover our group therapy)