Prader Willi Syndrome Clinic

We Focus on Early Intervention for Every Child.

Prader Willi Syndrome Clinic

Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital by a team of dedicated pediatric experts.

We focus on early intervention for every child. From newborns to young adults, our team works with you to create an individualized approach to diagnose and treat possible complications that can be associated with PWS.

The expert pediatric care team includes an endocrine nurse coordinator, endocrinologists, a geneticist, a genetic counselor, neurologist, psychologist, dietitian and social worker who attend each PWS Clinic. We have a close relationship with clinicians from a number of supporting disciplines, and our patients are referred to specialists in Ophthalmology, ENT, Sleep Medicine, Behavioral Health, Urology, Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy and Dermatology as needed.

Your Care Team

Endocrine Nurse Coordinator

  • Provides education for families and coordinates individual patient care
  • Assists families with all aspects of growth hormone therapy

Endocrinology Physician

  • Assesses growth and development of newborns through young adults
  • Determines age appropriate and individual treatment plans for your child
  • Evaluates bone health, scoliosis and reproductive health
  • Directs growth hormone therapy and other endocrine replacement hormones

Genetics Physician and Genetic Counselor

  • Makes diagnosis in newborn period and sends comprehensive counseling letter to families
  • Educates families regarding PWS diagnosis and explains test results
  • Discusses specialized care needs with families and the PWS team

Neurology Physician

  • Assesses neurological development of newborns through young adults
  • Determines need for additional therapies and supportive services

Clinical Psychologist

  • Assists with behavioral/emotional difficulties seen in patients with PWS
  • Offers guidance concerning educational services/school placement
  • Performs psychological evaluation of PWS patients if necessary


  • Provides nutrition counseling and recommendations
  • Assists in developing a nutrition care plan to meet each family’s needs

Endocrine Social Worker

  • Provides ongoing support with coping/adjustment to PWS throughout life stages
  • Assists with hospital and community resources and advocates for children and families in the community and schools

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