Division of Neurology Annual Report

Providers in the Division of Neurology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital deliver comprehensive care for children with a wide variety of disorders. These children include those with simple and complex epilepsy, primary and secondary headache and migraine, tics and movement disorders, neuroinflammatory conditions, muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy and neuropathy (acquired and genetic). In order to correctly identify and safely treat these children, state-of-the-art neurophysiological diagnostic testing and intraoperative monitoring is used. Our mission is to achieve the best outcomes for all children and adolescents with neurological illness.

2021-22 Annual Report

Gene Therapy Rescues Phenotype in Preclinical Model for Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2A/R1

LGMDs are a rare form of muscular dystrophy for which there is no treatment. As a heterogenous group caused by a number of mutations, the complexity of classification makes the disease challenging to understand. Additionally, the prevalence is varied among its varied forms. The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) estimates the prevalence for LGGMD ranging from 1 in 14,500 to 1 in 123,000.

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Annual Report

Nationwide Children's Hospital 2021-22 Annual Report

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we’re not just committed to transforming our organization.

We’re dedicated to transforming child health care for every family, even if they never step foot on our campus. We’re doing this through perseverance, commitment and an unwavering faith in our team’s ability to achieve the high bar set in our most audacious strategic plan yet.

With One Team and One Focus – Leading the Best Outcomes for Children Everywhere – we are proud to be Nationwide Children's Hospital.

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