Kidney Transplant Program

Kidney Transplant Program

The Pediatric Kidney Transplant Program, also known as the Renal Transplant Program, serves children and adolescents in need of a kidney transplant due to birth anomalies, disease processes and acute/chronic kidney injury. In addition to transplant nephrologists and transplant surgeons, our support team includes transplant nurses, social workers and dietitians. The Kidney Transplant Team delivers individualized care to patients with consistent team members and is available to answer all questions and listen to concerns. Our staff makes the transition after a kidney transplant easier by providing consistent, familiar team members throughout the entire transplant process, both pre- and post-transplant, who educate and empower you in your child’s care.

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When You Are an Inpatient at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

  • You will be admitted to Nationwide Children’s floor H5A the day before your surgery.
  • There is a surgery area and Family Waiting Room.
  • After surgery, you will go to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).
  • Later you will be transferred to H11B from PICU.

Things to Plan for After Discharge

  • Someone to help you with your health care as you recover.
  • Frequent visits to Nationwide Children’s for lab tests and to see your nephrologist and transplant nurse in the beginning.
  • Needed school support for your child when he or she is out of school for four to six weeks.
  • Apply for Medicare at your local social security office.

Nephrology Social Worker

Why is a social worker meeting with my family and me?

  • The End-Stage Renal Disease program established by Medicare says a nephrology social worker is a needed and important member of the treatment team for all transplant and dialysis facilities.
  • Facing end-stage renal disease and kidney transplant can be confusing and many questions will come to mind. A social worker can help!
  • Your medical team recognizes that living with chronic kidney disease and going through a kidney transplant can disrupt your day-to-day work and activity schedules. We also know that with the right support you can resume many of your previous work, social and recreational activities and possibly become involved in new ones.

What can your social worker do for you?

  • A social worker can help you and your family deal with your concerns, fears, and questions. Social workers are also here to work with you to help problem solve issues and concerns that arise because of your illness.

Areas of support

  • Social workers provide emotional support and anticipatory guidance to you and your family and refer you to counseling as needed.
  • They help with finding resources for the financial hardships that may come up due to your medical condition.
  • They can help with the application process for specific insurance programs such as BCMH and Medicare.
  • They help with developmental and school concerns and suggest community resources as needed.
  • They can help you find your way through a complex health care team and system.

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Kidney Transplant Resources

Kappa Kidney Camp

Kappa Kidney Camp is an annual summer camp for children under 18 who have had a kidney transplant or are receiving dialysis. Please speak to your social worker for more information.