International Adoption Clinic

Our professionals understand the physical, psychological and developmental challenges facing a child born in another culture.

The International Adoption Clinic staff members have experience treating conditions that sometimes are associated with early care in crowded orphanages or foster care programs abroad.

The Clinic offers families a wide range of services before, during and after adoption.

Adoption Information

Before You Adopt Your Child

Before you travel to China, Russia or Guatemala – wherever in the world you are adopting – you will need some medical information about the child you’ve chosen, what challenges this child has faced living in an orphanage or foster home, and the special medical needs he or she will have once you return to the U.S.

In our pre-adoptive service, our physician will review any medical records, videotapes or photographs sent to you from the child’s home country. Then we will share our findings with you, and together we will develop a care plan for the child.
  • We will share with you the reliability of a particular country’s health information.
  • We will explain the risks for what is known and not known about the child.
  • We will give you some practical advice to supplement your parenting skills.
  • We will suggest what to pack.
  • We will teach you how to initially assess your child’s health, and some simple skills to help your child right away.
  • We’ll also make sure you and your family’s immunizations are up to date, and provide you with health advice for international travel.

While You’re In Another Country

During the time you are outside the U.S., you can call our infectious diseases physicians at any time – 24 hours a day – for immediate advice. We will also provide you with an e-mail address for less-urgent questions.

After You Bring Your Child Home

If you arrive home and your child has an acute illness, you may contact one of the physicians in the adoption clinic or bring your child to the Emergency Department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for immediate treatment.

Within two weeks of your return to the U.S., we will see your child for a complete evaluation. This will include the following:
  • A review of all medical information provided with the child
  • A complete physical examination
  • A test of your child’s development
  • Basic health evaluation based on your child's age, eating, sleeping and behavior 
  • Screen for infectious diseases
  • Evaluation of the child’s immunization status
  • Review test results and create a care plan
  • Facilitate visits to any pediatric specialists needed
  • Links to community resources
  • Developmental screen

The results of these tests and screenings, along with our treatment recommendations, will be shared with you and with your child’s primary care physician. Our goal is the optimal health and success of your new family.

Download Pre-Adoption Consultation Consent Forms

Our Team

Aarti Chandawarkar

Aarti R. Chandawarkar

Aarti R. Chandawarkar, MD, is a Primary Care Pediatrics physician and Director of the International Adoption Clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital.