Know More Do More: Preventing Youth Substance Misuse

Two teens are seated, smiling and taking a selfie. The text box on the image reads, "Know More Do More: Understanding Substance Misuse in Teens"

Every day, we hear stories about the prevalence of opioids in our communities — particularly, prescription painkillers — and the dangers these medications pose, especially when it comes to our kids.

The Dublin ACT (Adolescents and Community Together) Coalition, a team focused on preventing and reducing youth substance abuse, partnered with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to develop a series of guides schools, parents and communities can use to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug misuse in their communities.

Our comprehensive prevention guide includes:

  • Steps you can take for knowing the situation in your community, building your team, educating staff and students, communicating with parents, establishing policies, and seeking a higher level of care when necessary.
  • A resource guide providing the facts on teenagers and prescription drug misuse, with details on the potential pathways — alcohol, tobacco and marijuana — plus information on how a young person’s brain can be permanently affected by repeated use of alcohol and other drugs, and the unintended consequences of misuse.
  • Visuals you can use as handouts and posters or on social media to drive awareness and engagement among parents, students and members of your community.
  • A list of online resources providing additional information and support as you continue to build or enhance your program.

Our role as parents, educators, community, faith and business leaders, and law enforcement is to protect our kids from dangerous substances by knowing the risks and signs of misuse, helping them make the right choices and getting them access to the support they need. We hope this resource is a helpful start.

Ready to learn more? Download our Know More Do More guide using the links below.