Nationwide Childrens Hospital Offers Halloween Safety Tips

October 17, 2007

On a night known for its mischief, parents do not have to live in fear.  To help ensure little witches and warlocks enjoy a safe Halloween, Nationwide Childrens Hospital offers a few quick safety tips.

 Be sure your childs costume is large enough to be worn over warm clothes but isnt so long he/she could trip. Bright, colorful costumes that reflect light and can be seen easily by drivers are best. Choose costume accessories and/or props keeping in mind that all items should be flame resistant. Shoes should be comfortable and safe for walking.
 Stick with make-up or face paint for finishing touches to a costume wigs and masks could interfere with your childs vision.
 Trick-or-treat with your child and visit homes that you know well. Remind him/her to walk, stay on sidewalks and cross streets at crosswalks or well-lighted intersections. Try to finish trick-or-treating before dark but have a flashlight handy just in case.
 Remember pedestrian safety is a much more important safety issue on Halloween than candy tampering.

 Check your childs treats and throw away anything that isnt securely wrapped. Dont allow your child to eat any candy until you or another adult in your household has checked it for tampering. The wrapper should be intact on all candy and fruit should be undamaged, washed and cut before eating.
 Dont permit children to eat homemade treats unless you know and trust the person who made them.
 To help kids endure trick-or-treating and the wait until they can dig into their goodies at home, feed them before going out and take along a few safe treats in a separate bag for snacking.
 Young children shouldnt have gum, nuts, hard candies, seeds or other choking hazards such as toys with small parts. 
 Call the police if you suspect tampering tasting is not a safe way to test.
Call the Central Ohio Poison Center at Nationwide Childrens Hospital (1-800-222-1222) if your child swallows something suspicious or potentially harmful. The Poison Center is available 24-hours a day and staffed with pharmacists and nurses specially trained in poison treatment.
 Consider hosting a Halloween party instead of sending kids trick-or-treating.
 Monitor how much candy children eat or their tummies may haunt them later.

 Paint your pumpkins. Carving knives are dangerous and the candles used inside carved pumpkins are fire hazards. If you do light a jack-o-lantern this year, keep it away from your front door or porch so little costumes dont catch fire. Never leave a lighted pumpkin unattended.
 Leave on both your indoor and outdoor lights if you want visits from trick-or-treaters.
 Clear the walkway to your door of decorations, hoses, toys, wet leaves or other items that could injure hurrying children.
 Dont hand out homemade items as Halloween treats.

The Radiology staff at Nationwide Childrens Hospital off-sites will xray candy Wednesday evening, October 31, at three locations. Interested parents or guardians may take advantage of this FREE service 6-9 p.m. on October 31 ONLY by stopping at one of the following locations:

 Nationwide Childrens Hospital Close To HomeSM
433 N. Cleveland Ave., Westerville
Enter the main entrance of the facility and staff will direct you.
 Nationwide Childrens Hospital Close To HomeSM
5675 Venture Dr., Dublin
Enter the main entrance of the facility and staff will direct you.
 Nationwide Childrens Hospital Close To HomeSM
6435 E. Broad St., Columbus
Enter the main entrance of the facility and staff will direct you.

*Participating parents and their children will be provided with information explaining what the x-raying procedure will and will NOT disclose. For example, the injection of a foreign liquid or glass will not be picked up by an x-ray; however, x-ray will demonstrate metal objects such as needles and razor blades.


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