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Meet Our Animal Friends

We know that nature has a powerful effect on healing. That’s just one reason why we brought nature’s animals inside. Our animal friends play a key role throughout the new main hospital. Each patient level features a unique, hand-carved animal friend designed to entertain patients and provide a positive distraction. The animal friends you’ll find in our new main hospital were chosen because of their presence right here in Ohio. Here’s your “field guide” to locating animal friends in the new hospital.

Concourse - Snail 

Lower Level Commons - Deer

Welcome Center - Rabbit

Welcome Center - Duck


Magic Forest - Squirrel


Atrium - Owl

Atrium - Turtle

Magic Forest - Bear

Magic Forest - Frog

Crossroads Lobby - Caterpillar

Heritage Hall - Eagle

Pond - Beaver

Outpatient Care Lobby - Fox

C4 (NICU) – Momma Mouse

C5 - Fox

H2 - Snail

H4 - Squirrel

H5 - Duck

H6 - Bear

H8 - Deer

H9 - Frog

H10 - Turtle

H11 - Owl

H12 - Rabbit

Livingston Ambulatory Center - Chipmunk

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