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Kawasaki Disease Program

Our world-class, comprehensive care program for Kawasaki disease combines teams from Infectious Diseases and The Heart Center. Collaborating to give patients the most accurate diagnoses, the best treatment, and the optimal long-term management, Nationwide Children’s Hospital is working to provide our patients with the best care. Our ongoing research uses gene expression profiling (GEP) to help our physicians diagnose Kawasaki disease. Breakthroughs, like our discovery that Kawasaki patients have a different GEP than patients with influenza, help lead our researchers and physicians to findings that save lives.

Kawasaki Disease Specialty Clinic

Our clinic, staffed with the most experienced, educated physicians and nursing staff, is here to help you every day. Our team is determined to help each patient reach their most optimum level of health.

During your visit, physicians may request tests to monitor heart function and will take blood and urine samples to rule out other diseases. We will also verify that, if your child has a fever, it has lasted at least five days. Echocardiography may be recommended to look for any heart problems over time.

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Kawasaki Disease Information

Nineteen out of every 100,000 kids are affected by Kawasaki disease, the majority of those being male, Kawasakiamong Japanese and Korean descent, or under five years of age. Kawasaki disease is commonly misdiagnosed in children less than one year old because of its symptoms, which are very similar to various other illnesses, making early and accurate diagnosis essential.

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