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Affordable Housing

Giving more people access to affordable housing by building new homes and revitalizing blighted homes is the cornerstone of HNHF. Homes are the most immediately visible expressions of a neighborhood’s status, spurring or deterring growth. Revitalizing homes helps improve home-ownership and strengthens our community. 

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See the impact Healthy Homes has made in our community.

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Healthy Homes is an affordable housing initiative and key HNHF platform to revitalize 38 square blocks around Nationwide Children's Hospital. The nonprofit organization, Community Development for All People (CD4AP) and Nationwide Children's Hospital have partnered to form the nonprofit Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families Realty Collaborative as a subsidiary of CD4AP to build and rehabilitate and repair houses to sell.

Building Stronger Families- Affordable Housing

HNHF Realty Collaborative

Since 2008, Healthy Homes has impacted 120 homes in the impact area, this includes:

•    Full-gut renovations (38 sold, 8 in-progress/on the market)
•    New builds (8 sold, 2 in-progress)
•    Grants to current residents through the Home Repair Program

Hospital Contribution: $4,613,000
City of Columbus Contribution: $4,456,756
Proceeds from Sale of Housing: $3,289,228
United Way Contribution: $1,351,256
Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation: $40,000
Donations: $174,710

Total Financial Investment in HNHF: $13,924,952.00

South Side Renaissance, LLC

Since 2012, South Side Renaissance has completed:
•    75 home repairs for current residents
•    7 substantial renovations for properties made available to rent (1 is in progress)

Total Financial Investment in SSR: $1,591,000.00

Homes for Sale

Healthy Homes typically feature tankless water heaters, rain barrels, solar tubes, low VOC paint, recycled carpet, levered door handles and energy efficient windows. By visiting the Healthy Homes website you can see listed properties, interior and exterior photos, price, features and a map of location. Please contact Robert Williams at (614) 365-0693 or for further details about the Healthy Homes initiative.

The Healthy Homes website is

Featured Property

815 Heyl Ave.

  • This home features Universal Design details like levered door handles and outlets located higher on the walls

  • First floor’s open floor plan includes a half bath and kitchen island

  • Second floor features a laundry room and two large bedrooms, each with its own full bathroom

  • Green features like low VOC paint and recycled carpet

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Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families

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