Cup Monster Cutie / Silly Cup Monster

These loveable little monsters are fun to make for yourself or someone special. Make your Valentine smile even brighter by including a quick message.


  • Foam cup

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Permanent markers or pens

  • Pencil (sharpened)

  • Scissors

  • Clear tape

  • Optional: construction paper, beads, foam stickers, and eye stickers or stick-on googly eyes


  1. Use a pencil to poke small holes in the cup where you want to insert pipe cleaners for arms, legs, antennae, tentacles, etc.

  2. Insert pipe cleaners through holes, starting with those located in the narrowest part of the cup. (For arms, try inserting one uncut pipe cleaner through corresponding holes on opposite sides of the cup.) Trim pipe cleaners to desired sizes.

  3. Decorate your cup monster. Clear tape can be used to help keep items in the desired position.

Add-On Activity:

Before making your cup monster, draw a picture of it on a piece of paper to use as a guide. For extra fun, include a background that shows where your monster would live and label your drawing with your monster’s name.

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