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Posted by: David Stukus, MD on Dec 24, 2019

Dry, chapped, irritated lips are more than just unsightly – they can be painful as well. Unfortunately, many of us are used to this feeling and see our kids suffer too.

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Food Allergy vs. Intolerance: Knowing the Difference

May 19, 2017

A food allergy diagnosis can dramatically alter one’s life. While many people experience various symptoms after eating certain foods, it is important to understand the differences between food allergy and intolerance. Read More

Peanut Allergy: Myths vs. Facts

May 15, 2017

In the majority of children, peanut allergy begins early in life and requires lifelong management. Here are a few of the most common myths – and facts – about peanut allergies. Read More

New Guidelines: Early Introduction of Peanut to Prevent Peanut Allergy

Jan 05, 2017

Why the New Recommendations? Prior recommendations for parents and pediatricians were to avoid introduction of peanut until after 3 years of age. However, cumulative evidence has demonstrated that early feeding is associated with less peanut allergy. Read More

Can We Trust Medical Information from Mainstream Media?

Jan 03, 2017

I recently gasped in shock as I read an editorial printed in a major newspaper outlet that contained gross inaccuracies about food allergy management. Read More

Trick or Trigger? Halloween Safety for Allergy Patients

Oct 26, 2016

I may be a Halloween treat hypocrite. Admittedly, I enjoy indulging in chocolaty treats on Halloween, but when it comes to choosing Halloween candy to pass out to little goblins and ghouls, I have a strange desire to save all the children from too much sugar. Read More

Are Allergies Caused by C-Sections?

Sep 19, 2016

As rates of food allergies and other allergic conditions continue to increase among children, the search for prevention strategies has taken center stage among researchers. Read More

Is Vitamin D the Answer to Preventing Asthma Attacks?

Sep 15, 2016

Over the past decade, researchers have identified a strong association with low vitamin D levels and increased risk for asthma development and exacerbation among children and adults. Read More

Back to School with Food Allergies

Jul 31, 2016

Preparing to go back to school can be filled with mixed emotions for parents of a child with food allergy. This can be particularly anxiety-provoking for parents of kindergartners or those attending a new school. Read More