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Tax Season: File Free in 2024

Jan 09, 2024
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If income tax filing season stresses you out, Nationwide Children’s Hospital can help. That’s right. A children’s hospital can help you file your income taxes completely free of charge! Families and individuals who made less than $70,000 in 2023 likely qualify for our services.

How can I connect?

Go to our special income tax website www.614filefree.org. You can click on the “Schedule Appointment” button to find a time and location that work for you. Just pick your time slot, provide an email and/or phone number, and you’re set!

If you want to learn more about your taxes, check out our FAQ page. We have information about who needs to file, how you and your family can qualify for special tax credits, what kinds of income must be reported, and much more.

We also know that the website might not answer all your questions. If you aren’t sure about something or need help finding us, just reach out using the “Contact Us” page. Someone from our team of tax experts will get back with you usually within one business day.

You mentioned tax credits. Are there still Child Tax Credits?

Yes, there are! For 2023, the Child Tax Credits (CTC) can be worth up to $2000 for each qualifying child 16 years old or younger. Up to $1500 can be added to your refund depending on your income earned from work. If your children are over 17, they are too old for the CTC. But if you claim them as a dependent, they might still help you qualify for a $500 Credit for Other Dependents.

Also note that if you did not file for the expanded CTC that was provided in 2021 as part of the Coronavirus Relief Act, this is the last year our service can help you claim those credits. A qualifying child had to be 17 years old or younger on December 31, 2021, and have a Social Security number issued in 2021 or earlier. But you must file a 2021 tax return to receive any unclaimed credits.

If I did gig work like Uber or Instacart, can you help me?

Yes, we can. We can help most taxpayers who earned income from something other than a “traditional” employer. If you received a 1099 form for “non-employment compensation,” we can usually help you file. Note that many tax filing services charge extra fees for filing returns that have this type of income. We do not! As long as your income is within our qualifying limit and within scope for our program, your filing is free no matter how many 1099s you receive.

Is there anything else I should know?

If you are using a service or software that says it is free, be sure to read the fine print. Most free software has very strict limitations. It is usually not free if you exceed income limits, if you have more than one source of income, or if you want to file a state return. It is also not truly free if you are using an “early” filing service that provides advanced payment of your refund. If you qualify for our service, all filing of state and federal returns is completely free. To make sure you qualify, read more at www.614filefree.org or reach out to our tax experts through the “Contact Us” tool. We will do our best to help you get everything you have earned without spending your hard-earned money on filing fees!

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