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Our Top 10 Posts of 2015

Dec 31, 2015

As we wrap up 2015, we want to take a moment to put a bow on the top ten 700 Children’s posts from the past year. This site is a wealth of information from our clinicians, researchers and staff and we thank them, and our readers, for sharing this space with us. We wish our entire community a safe, happy and healthy New Year! Without further ado, here are our top 10 posts from 2015.

  1. Secondary Drowning: Know the Signs

    Dr. Mike discussed a personal experience with his son’s water-rescue and told us how to watch for symptoms of secondary drowning if your child has a close call in the water.

  2. Norovirus: What You Need to Know

    This post, with tips for avoiding and managing the very contagious Norovirus, was popular last spring as this nasty illness made its way through our community.

  3. What We Wish “Grey’s” Knew About 22q

    A team of doctors looked at how the television drama Grey’s Anatomy misrepresented the truth about 22q deletion syndrome, one of the most commonly known genetic disorders.

  4. Bed Bugs 101

    If you just said, “Ew!” you aren’t alone. Bed bugs were prevalent enough that some people were saying it a lot more than others!

  5. Is Medical Marijuana Right for Kids with Chronic Illness?

    As more and more places around the country examine whether marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes, a doctor took a stand on this controversial topic.

  6. Car Seat Safety: Are You Listening?

    An emergency physician discussed the breakdown in communication between parents and pediatricians regarding car seat safety. Were you listening?

  7. What is the Right Way to Stop a Nosebleed?

    The record was set straight on how to stop your child’s nosebleed. When some of us were young we were taught to lean our heads back. We were wrong.

  8. A Doctor’s Take on Essential Oils

    Are they snake oils or miracle compounds? We took a look at whether this trend should be here to stay.

  9. The Dangers of Pinterest

    Look at all the pretty…recalled items? The Principal Investigator at the Center for Injury Research and Policy discovered some not so pretty content on this popular social platform.

  10. Are Scented Candles and Air Fresheners Harming Your Child?

    Some Internet articles linked these products to cancer. An allergy and immunology doctor let us know if the scare was warranted.

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