Everyone Matters: Diversity & Inclusion

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The foundation of an organization is its people. At Nationwide Children's Hospital, we align our strategy with the Best People and Best Programs to achieve the best outcomes. We also know diversity, combined with our authentic progress to build an inclusive culture, enables our employees to bring their unique differences and talents to work every day.

We believe Everyone Matters. The strength of our hospital comes from what we each bring to the table to improve patient, families, and each other’s lives. 

A diverse and inclusive team where every person is vital to improving children’s lives everywhere. 

At Nationwide Children's Hospital, more than 11,000 employees come together every day to deliver the best outcomes for children from all over the world. We recognize that a child’s zip code, age, race, economic status, and education should not determine their health outcome. We also recognize our employees are valuable to our organization because of their differences. 

Our hospital made a promise to not only acknowledge, but foster and celebrate the diversity of each other, our patients, families, visitors, and many physician and community partners. Why? Because being inclusive and welcoming makes us better-suited to take care of those who need our help. 

Diversity is about bringing together a kaleidoscope of individuals who work collectively to achieve best outcomes. Each individual has unique qualities and experiences that contribute to our mission and values. Through diversity, we are able to achieve the highest standards of inclusiveness and create a culture that respects individual differences that best represent the community. It is the cornerstone of our strategic plan and how we attract the best people to ensure the best programs. 

At Nationwide Children's Hospital, not only does everything matter, but everyone matters!

Employee Resource Groups

Our vision is an inclusive and diverse culture that fosters mutual respect, where our staff and physicians are valued and provided opportunities to achieve their full potential. We recognize an inclusive and diverse culture is grounded in a firm commitment to attract and retain talent, reflective of the communities we serve. One way of accomplishing this goal is with our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Seven Aligned Employee Resource Groups

  • All Equal - LGBTQ
  • APAN- Asian Pacific American
  • Connect With Us - African American
  • HOLA-Hispanic/Latino
  • LEAD - Professionals
  • Military/Veterans
  • CapABLE - Disability

Employee Resource Groups are teams of employees with common backgrounds, goals and interests, formed to act as a cultural resource for both group members and the entire organization. ERGs are typically associated with a culture or perspective that has traditionally faced challenges in the workplace. Some of the groups formed to support each other are working parents, veterans, ethnic and geographical backgrounds, and young career professionals. 

Our resource groups promote professional development, peer networking and provide opportunities for participants to engage in the work of diversity and inclusion. The purpose is to positively impact the organization’s culture in a manner that benefits participants and the organization.

Everyone Matters has Two Focuses

  1. Inclusiveness: With our collective mixture of people each with a variety of abilities, skills, experiences and cultural backgrounds, we are creating an environment where everyone feels heard, respected, appreciated, challenged and engaged.
  2. Health Equity: As a key enabler of our safety and wellness platform, we will: look at equitable care in health for our communities we serve; and address gaps in health outcomes or care we provide as a result of our own internal bias or lack of cultural awareness. Accordingly, Nationwide Children’s Hospital supports the American Academy of Pediatrics policy, “The Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health.”