Frequently Asked Questions

Review our frequently asked questions (FAQs) for occupational and physical therapy patients and parents.

How often and how long will my child’s appointment last?

The therapist(s) will make recommendations for how often and how long your child needs skilled therapy services, but part of this depends on you.

Considerations include:

  • Your child’s ability to benefit and participate in therapy
  • Your ability as a parent/caregiver to participate in therapy sessions and follow through with activities in the home and community
  • Your family’s decision related to available resources (i.e. time commitment, availability, transportation and financial resources) 
What if I have to miss an appointment?

We strive to provide the best care to each family and require consistent attendance. To get the most out of therapy, your child must attend therapy based on the schedule you agree upon. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please call scheduling at (614) 722-2200 as soon as possible.

A rescheduled appointment will help your child stay on course and is not considered a cancellation. Any two cancels / no shows or arrivals more than 15 minutes late out of eight visits will result in discharge from therapy.

Do I need to be present for my child's therapy session?

Yes. It is essential that you take part in each therapy session. Each therapy program is planned to meet the unique needs of your child. A main goal of therapy is to give you education and ideas that you can use at home. This will help your child get the most from therapy.

What will we need to do at home between therapy sessions?

You play a major role in your child’s success, so you will be coached on activities to work on at home. For your child to maximize their success in therapy, it is Important for you to continue working on the activities learned in therapy at home. After all, practice make perfect.

How can my child receive an Aquatic (Pool) Therapy referral?

Aquatic Therapy is available in Dublin, Westerville and West Columbus on a limited basis. If you feel your child would be a good candidate, you may discuss and obtain a referral for “aquatic PT” or “pool PT” from your physician, and we will contact you when we have an opening.

Please contact (614) 722- 2200 to confirm that you are on the waitlist or to ask additional questions.