BPD Facilities

Inpatient Service

The inpatient service is housed in one of the three NICUs at Nationwide Children's Hospital’s Main Campus. The unit is comprised of 24 beds, caring for babies from 36 weeks corrected gestation up to approximately 2 years old.

The unit offers a combination of single patient and multi-patient rooms, depending on the particular needs and/or isolation of each patient. Each room is large enough to accommodate patients’ daily therapy sessions and provide the space parents need to bond with baby and learn their special needs.

  • Large, open windows to allow for visual development by light-cycling premature babies
  • Large rooms to allow families to stay with their infants and better prepare for the transition home and reduce overall “catch-up” time that many premature babies experience

We encourage families to visit the inpatient service as much as possible, as we find babies progress best with consistent family presence. 

Outpatient Service

The outpatient service provides an interdisciplinary medical home designed to improve pulmonary and neurodevelopmental outcomes, while substantially decreasing readmission rates for these high-risk infants.

To improve long-term pulmonary and developmental outcomes, patients are cared for beyond the usual neonatal period, using the principles of chronic care. Information gathered in the course of this care is used to guide future therapies and the direction of the overall program for prevention, treatment and follow-up care for BPD.