Blood Conservation Program

Patients who request blood product alternatives in treatment plans can turn to Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Blood Conservation Program. The Program allows patients and families to explore a collaborative decision-making approach with the health care team, taking religious, moral, cultural, health and family values into account.

The Program was designed to assure the best pediatric care for patients, including these alternatives to blood therapies. Blood conservation practices are considered the standard of care for all patients.



Blood Conservation Program Physicians

Pediatric physicians who participate in the blood conservation program for patients under age 18 provide the best medical and surgical care available while helping their families remain faithful to their religious convictions or personal values. 

Physicians involved in this program maintain current knowledge about the latest advances, developments, standards, and use of non-blood therapies.

Patient Stories

Andrew's Story

Nationwide Children's Hospital's Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Dr. Mark Galantowicz, performed a 'bloodless' heart transplant on a 6-year-old boy -- one of the youngest to undergo this procedure.