Primary Care Clinic

Adolescence can be a difficult time for both children and families. Transitioning between childhood and adulthood comes with its own set of health questions and concerns.

At Nationwide Children’s, we offer primary care services designed for adolescents and young adults ages 11 to 21. We understand that parents want to remain involved in their child’s care while children wish for more independence.

Our specially-trained physicians help families navigate this time of transition together.

Our Services

  • Well/preventative care for youth ages 11-21
  • Risk assessments – screening and educating adolescents about risky behavior
  • Reproductive health – for girls and boys
  • Providing contraception services and testing and treating sexually transmitted infections
  • Substance abuse – both evaluation and treatment
  • Mental health – screening and treating anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorder.
  • Transition care – helping young adults learn to take over their primary care

If you have concerns about your adolescent or teenager, make an appointment with one of our specialists for an evaluation.

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