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Rumination Syndrome Program Referrals

Patients cannot be self-referred or referred by their family. Referrals must come directly from a gastroenterologist who has knowledge of the patient’s medical history and prior testing, and who is willing to follow the patient once he or she is discharged from our program. Referring physicians should have already conducted enough of an evaluation to determine if their patient’s vomiting is better described by another condition such as gastroparesis or an eating disorder. Because patient cooperation, investment, and ability to work independently is essential to the success of treatment in our program, the program is best suited for adolescents without substantial developmental delay or psychiatric challenges.
The physician or gastroenterologist should contact the Motility Center by calling (614) 722-3456. Records can be faxed to (614) 722-3454. All records must be complete before the patient’s case is reviewed. Once records are complete, the medical team will review the patient’s history and decide if an outpatient clinic visit or further testing is needed. Patients are never directly admitted without having first met our program directors in person. This is to determine if our program can truly suit the patient’s needs and provide effective treatment.   
If the medical director and clinical director determine that our program can meet the patient’s needs, a date for admission is agreed upon, and information is sent to insurance for pre-authorization. This process may take several weeks to months.  Once the admission is approved, families receive a packet of information and a few forms to complete and bring with them to the hospital.
During the time between meeting us and your admission, we will discuss an interim plan. The plan may include goals such as maintaining nutrition and/or hydration, symptom management, frequent contact with your physician, or treatment with a therapist close to your family’s home. 
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