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Meet Camila

Meet Camila, Rumination Sydrome Patient ChampionTwo and a half years ago, a viral infection left me with abdominal pain and vomiting after every meal. After losing 15% of my body weight in 2 weeks, I was left weak and constantly nauseous. A plethora of medical exams were done, all coming out normal. As a result of my condition, I was absent for 3/4 of my junior year and 1/4 of my senior year of high school. I often had to rely on NJ feeding tubes for nutrition. Prior to going to college, my symptoms were somewhat controlled. However, once I left home, my symptoms came back stronger than ever. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Nationwide Children’s, where I received life-changing treatment.     

The Rumination Syndrome Program at Nationwide Children's was the first time in 2 years where I felt that my treatment was a long-term solution. Not only did I receive a definite diagnosis, but my family and I were also fully able to understand my condition. I worked with the kindest, most inspiring team to improve my health, and in a span of two weeks, I left feeling the best I had in years. Since my treatment, I have continued to improve every day, and I am finally living an almost symptom-free life. I am endlessly thankful for this world-class program and its incredible team!

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