Biostatistics Shared Resource

The Biostatistics Core provides assistance to researchers in study design, data analysis, and interpretation of statistical results. Our goal is to provide outstanding service to researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We offer a variety of services, both free and fee-based.

Free Services

Consultation: The basis of an initial consultation is to gather information from the researcher in order to provide options and guidance for conducting statistical analyses, and to develop a plan for any additional statistical work, including the number of hours of biostatistics support required. In collaboration with Research Data Computing, this consultation can include advice on data collection and data management needs. This consultation, typically involving a one hour meeting and follow-up as needed, is free.

Grant Application: We collaborate with investigators to develop a study design, and to write grant application sections for statistical analysis (including power and sample size calculations). We will also perform limited preliminary data analyses to strengthen a specific grant application. All grant application support is free; however, it is expected that appropriate biostatistics support costs will be built into the grant budget (see below).

Analysis: For researchers with no available funding source, up to 10 hours of biostatistics analyses will be provided at no cost.

Fee Services

The Research Institute is currently subsidizing approximately 75% of the Biostatistics Core costs. To help defray these costs, two avenues to support biostatistics work are available:

Fee-for-service: Beyond the free services above, the core charges a flat rate of $125/hour for biostatistical support and analyses. External biostatistics consulting typically costs $160/hour and up. These funds can be paid by any type of funding support (e.g., grants).

Percent effort on grant: Based on the number of hours of biostatistics work determined in the initial consultation, core costs can be captured by dedicating a percent effort on a grant application. It is important to note that work covered by this approach will not occur unless the grant is funded.


Regardless of how the costs of biostatistics work are covered, consideration of authorship must be given to any biostatistics staff member who makes an intellectual contribution to a publication or otherwise meets the authorship guidelines for a given journal.