Physician Connect

Physician Connect

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Physician Connect: Just for Medical Professionals
Physician Connect helps medical professionals provide great pediatric care for their patients by providing expert pediatric content direct from Nationwide Children's.

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  • Make a Referral right from the home screen
  • Receive condition-specific content and specialty practice toolkits such as Heart, Gastroenterology, Pulmonary, Surgical Services and Education (more coming)
  • Connect directly to Carelink, Transport and Laboratory Services
  • Message directly- and securely - with our specialists
  • Receive the latest protocols and guidelines to help identify, diagnose and manage pediatric conditions
  • Access free CME On Demand, CME opportunities and Medical Grand Rounds
  • Quick links to our clinics, programs, locations and services
  • Hear the latest news and research on PediaCast, our educational podcast for parents
  • Up-to-date research and news from our parent-education blog, 700Children’s
  • Search best practice Q&A database on a variety of topics
mobile applications


The Physician Connect app is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices.

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