Main Campus Emergency Department

Main Campus Emergency Department

Know What to Expect When Entering the ED

The Emergency Department entrance is located next to the main hospital entrance.

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, patients, families and visitors to the Emergency Department will be screened by our security officers prior to entering the ED. What does this involve?

  • Each individual will pass through our metal detector (this is similar to the airport, but faster)
  • Officers will review all bags for items that could be used as a weapon (pocket knives, multi-tools, etc.)
  • For those coming to the ED by ambulance, a security officer may use a hand wand or ask those with the patient to come to the metal detector
  • Security officers are trained to identify critical patients and to express their admittance; often times a hand wand will be used in these situations

Our goal is to identify and remove items that could be used as weapons. Should the security officers need to remove any items, those items will be held during the patient and families’ stay and available for pick-up later. Due to the lack of storage, items can only be held for seven days and then they will be discarded. We appreciate your patience and help creating the safest possible surroundings for our patients and families.

Consent for Treatment

All patients who come to Nationwide Children’s for medical treatment need to have a signed consent for treatment on file. If a child under 18 comes to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for treatment with someone other than their parent or legal guardian, we need an authorization from the parent or legal guardian to allow them to sign medical consent for the child. The authorization form names someone over the age of 18, chosen by the parent or legal guardian, to seek medical treatment and sign consent for the child. For example, a baby-sitter, teacher or other family member. Make sure that anyone caring for your child who may need to seek medical attention for your child in your absence, has a completed authorization form. Download the consent form here.