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Jeune's Syndrome

Welcome to Nationwide Children's Hospital's information center for Jeune's Syndrome and related chest wall deformities. For almost a decade now, we have been hard at work on treatment options for these rare, but treatable conditions, and have gathered a great deal of experience. We have established a large, multidisciplinary team of physicians and other health care providers who continue to create promise in the lives of many patients and families who deal with these often very complicated diseases. Since the launch of this Web site, we have experienced many new endeavors, including meeting new children and physicians from around the world and adding to our internationally recognized team.

Using the links at the bottom of this page, you'll find information about Jeune's Syndrome and related chest wall deformities along with both our surgical and non-surgical approaches to treating them. Plus, you'll get to know many of our patients and families who battle and win the daily challenges of the disease. Through this site you'll also meet our experts, and then have the opportunity to contact them directly for an in-person consultation with your child.

Whether your child is newly diagnosed, or you have been living with Jeune's for many years, we understand the disease and your concerns.

The links below contain information on Jeune's Syndrome. For additional information, please call The Heart Center at (614) 722-2530.

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