Do Not Harm Me

Nationwide Children's Hospital is committed to the safety and care of its patients.  In fact, we are national leaders in improving patient safety and were the first children’s hospital to describe and publicly aspire to a goal of zero preventable harm.

As a hospital, we have chosen to focus on seven key quality measures. Each measure gives us the opportunity to focus on a particular ailment, how we are currently doing and what we can do to improve. We are always trying to better ourselves so that we may provide the best possible care for our patients and their families.

The seven key measures we study are:

Nationwide Children's Hospital is committed to the safety and care of its patients. The idea of zero harm has led to our nationally recognized “Zero Hero” program.  “Zero” is the only acceptable goal, and one that we all strive for.

Since The Zero Hero Program Kickoff In 2009

  • 147 fewer Serious Safety Events occurred since 2009 than would have occurred based on projections from our 2009 baseline; 85 percent reduction in Serious Safety Events
  • Serious Safety Events in 2009 occurred once every 11-13 days; now Serious Safety Events occur once every 365 days
  • Overall acuity-adjusted hospital mortality has decreased 40 percent
  • Achieved a 70 percent reduction in all harm events
  • NCH created the Preventable Harm Index in 2009 and it is now used by more than 100 children’s hospitals
  • In 2014, we started an employee safety program and created an Employee Preventable Harm Index.  In 2017, we saw a 50% decrease in patient interaction harm events and 22 fewer OSHA recordable overall events.