Lindsay N Alfano, PT, DPT, PCS

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Lindsay Alfano, PT, DPT, PCS, a physical therapist and researcher specializing in the care and evaluation of patients with neuromuscular disorders, is a principal investigator in the Center for Gene Therapy and a research assistant professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Alfano serves an integral role in planning and designing clinical trials and contributes to protocol development, outcome measure selection, statistical analysis, and interpretation for ongoing clinical trials within the Center for Gene Therapy and throughout the wider research community. Dr. Alfano serves on an international consortium of neuromuscular physical therapy experts that provide industry-standard training and reliability for multisite international trials. Her research goals focus on standardizing training in rare disease, as well as developing and promoting optimal assessment tools to measure change in movement abilities while minimizing the burden of testing. She has co-developed novel outcomes including the ACTIVE WSV & ACTIVE-mini systems, 100-meter timed test, and the Neuromuscular Gross Motor Outcome (GRO). In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Alfano and the neuromuscular physical therapy team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital have led initiatives to understand and validate remote testing for patients with neuromuscular diseases for clinical and research purposes.

Academic and Clinical Areas
Awards, Honors & Organizations
  • Outstanding Team of the Year, Research Institute, 2020
  • Excellence in Innovation Award, Research Institute, 2019
  • Outstanding Poster Award, World Muscle Society, 2012
  • Pediatric Clinical Specialist, American Physical Therapy Association, 2010
  • Employee of the Quarter, Nationwide Children's Hospital, 2010
  • Memorial Fund Scholarship, American Physical Therapy Association, 2010
  • Golden Goniometer, Nationwide Children's Hospital, 2009
  • Executive Board, TREAT-NMD, 2021 - Present
  • Present Executive Board, Muscle Study Group, 2015 - 2019
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