Frederick W Woodley, PhD


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Dr. Woodley holds a PhD in molecular and cellular biology from The Ohio University and the Edison Biotechnology Institute. He is currently a senior research scientist at Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH) where he has a clinical appointment in the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (GI), and a research appointment in the Center for Advanced Research in Neuromuscular Gastrointestinal Disorders (CARING). He is a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the Ohio State University College of Medicine. His clinical responsibility at NCH is for the analysis of combined pH/multichannel intraluminal impedance (pH/MII) tracings for all pH/MII studies conducted in the GI Division. Working closely with NCH Drs. Hayat Mousa (Medical Director, CARING), Carlo Di Lorenzo (GI Division Chief), Don Hayes (Pulmonologist and Director of the Heart and Lung Transplant Program at NCH), and Ben Kopp (Pulmonologist and Principal Investigator in the Center for Microbial Pathogenesis), Dr. Woodley’s current research endeavors include studies aimed at: 1) determining the normal values of pH/MII in infants and children, 2) using pH/MII (a minimally invasive procedure) to identify patients who are at risk of aspirating gastric contents, 3) developing noninvasive procedures for identifying patients who are actively aspirating gastric contents, 4) using exhaled breath condensate to detect early signs of oxidative stress in the lungs of patients with cystic fibrosis and those with a lung transplant, 5) assessing the impact of aging on the efficiency of acid clearance in cystic fibrosis patients, and 6) using exhaled breath condensate to identify obese children who are aspirating gastric contents. Dr. Woodley has presented his research findings on gastroesophageal reflux at both national and international meetings. He is also the Zero Hero safety coach in the GI Division at NCH. In addition to his work at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Dr. Woodley is an adjunct professor at Columbus State Community College where he teaches microbiology.
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Awards, Honors & Organizations
  • Poster of Distinction, “Normal values for chemical clearance of acid gastroesophageal reflux in infants and children.”, Digestive Diseases Week, May 18-21, 2013, Orlando, Florida, 2013
  • Impact Award, “Improving the reporting process for test results in the GI Division.”, Nationwide Children's Hospital, 2011
  • Employee of the Month, March, Nationwide Children's Hospital, 2011
  • Poster of Distinction, “A novel method for evaluating chemical clearance efficiency in the distal esophagus: Calculating rate of neutralization.”, North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, November 12–14, 2009, National Harbor, Maryland, 2009
  • Who's Who in America, 2007
Professional Experience

2000 - 2013 Columbus State Community College, Adjunct Professor of Microbiology

2005 - 2007 Gastroenterology Division, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Senior Research Associate

2004 - 2005 Gastroenterology Division, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Research Associate

2000 - 2003 Physiology and Cell Biology, Ohio State University College of Medicine, Research Associate

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Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition