Eric E. Nelson, PhD

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Eric Nelson, PhD, is a principal investigator in the Center for Biobehavioral Health at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and a Professor of Pediatrics in The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Dr. Nelson’s research program is focused on understanding how the development of brain systems involved in social cognition and social emotion are impacted by a variety of chronic health conditions in children. These include psychiatric disorders like anxiety and depression; neurological disorders such as epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and cancer; and chronic diseases such as heart and digestive disorders that often include disruption of normal social behavior in childhood. The primary methods of investigation are functional and structural neuroimaging (fMRI), intracranial EEG, eye-tracking, and performance on computer based tasks.

Dr. Nelson received a PhD in behavioral neuroscience and psychology at Bowling Green State University, and completed postdoctoral fellowships at Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to joining Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Dr. Nelson worked at the intramural program of the National Institute of Mental Health, where he conducted functional neuroimaging studies of children and adolescents with social anxiety disorder.

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Date of Appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital: 08/29/2016

Fellowship University of Wisconsin Date Completed: 08/31/2001
Fellowship Indiana University Date Completed: 08/31/1998
Graduate School Bowling Green State University Date Completed: 05/31/1995
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