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Ashley R. Jackson, PhD, is a Principal Investigator in the Center for Clinical and Translational Research and member of the Division of Pediatric Nephrology and Hypertension at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University. Dr. Jackson’s research program focuses on understanding the role and response of the renal urothelium during urinary tract obstruction.

Urinary Tract Obstruction (UTO) is a leading cause of pediatric chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease. Apart from surgery to relieve UTO, no specific interventions can prevent or limit obstructive nephropathy (UTO induced kidney injury and dysfunction).

Dr. Jackson discovered that renal urothelial remodeling is a unifying and protective feature of both congenital and acquired forms of urinary tract obstruction. Her research supports the hypothesis that the renal urothelium represents the front line of defense to urinary tract obstruction, and a novel target for the development of therapies to mitigate obstructive kidney disease. 


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Date of Appointment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital: 09/01/2020

Fellowship Nationwide Children's Hospital Date Completed: 08/31/2020
Graduate School The Ohio State University Date Completed: 05/31/2016
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