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Fertility and Reproductive Health Program

Nationwide Children’s Hospital strives to provide patients the highest quality of life: today, tomorrow and long after treatment has ended.

As medical therapies improve, more and more children survive into their reproductive years and consider having children of their own. Many medical conditions and treatments may affect future fertility, and that's why we developed the Program for Fertility and Reproductive Health: to discuss patients’ fertility and reproductive health.

Our comprehensive Fertility and Reproductive Health Program provides education and counseling for patients who may be at risk for long-term fertility or reproductive health issues. Our program also offers fertility preservation options, when possible.

What causes fertility issues?

Some medical conditions or treatments can cause long-term fertility and reproductive health issues. The impact on fertility may happen as soon as certain treatments begin and can become more significant as children age.

These conditions or treatments may include:

  • Cancer
  • Non-malignant disorders leading to bone marrow transplant
  • Rheumatologic and renal conditions requiring gonadotoxic therapy
  • Disorders of sexual development
  • Transgender
  • Genetic conditions

Fertility Options

Our team works collaboratively with other providers and facilities to offer fertility preservation options for males and females. We can explain your fertility preservation options, including potential risks, costs and likelihood of success, and connect you with knowledgeable specialists. We can also explain experimental options that may be available for younger children. 

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