myChildren's Mobile App

Nationwide Children's Hospital myChildren's Mobile Application

myChildren's Mobile App

Nationwide Children's Mobile App for Families

The myChildren’s app from Nationwide Children’s Hospital allows you to keep track of all your children’s healthcare needs. Specialty tools for kids who have diabetes, Epilepsy, Cystic Fibrosis or are in a NICU facility. Create a timeline for all immunizations your child needs and get timely health and wellness info per child. If you live in Central Ohio you can also get quick access to our urgent care wait times.

Nationwide Children's Hospital myChildren's Mobile Application
Nationwide Children's Hospital myChildren's Mobile Application

Tools to Help Your Whole Family

The myChildren’s app allows you to do medication reminders, immunization schedules and health tips for your family. Specialty content areas for diabetes, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy and those who have stayed or are currently in a NICU.

New Medication tracking tool

  • Search, add, and track medications for each child
  • Get notified when it is time to refill your medication
  • Set alarms and receive notifications when it is time to take your meds
  • Access updated seasonal content to better suit your child’s needs

Updated Diabetes Journal and Pediatric Insulin Calculator

  • View enhanced insulin calculations to better manage your child's diabetes. If insulin adjustment is needed, the type 1 diabetes calculator will determine which insulin to adjust and change insulin dose
  • Track your entries by time of day, week, month or year
  • Separate journal entries by meal type
  • Setup reminders to help you remember to make your journal entry

New Epilepsy Toolkit

  •  Log your child’s seizures with the new Seizure Log
  • Fill out your child’s Seizure Action Plan, which is their EMERGENCY medicine dosage and it can be easily shared with friends, school nurse or any of your child’s caretakers
  • Set reminders for each medication to let you know when to take and refill your meds
  • Use the new checklist feature as a quick reference guide to help you with your next physician appointment
  • Browse a robust amount of useful and educational Epilepsy content

New NICU Toolkit

  • Track your NICU baby’s developmental milestones,
  • Record feedings
  • Record pumping
  • Track your questions for your care team
  • Access baby basics and more!