Play Safety

The questions and answers in this brochure are designed to help you, as a parent, make healthy and safe choices for your children.

Is it true that injuries from falls is a common reason children are admitted to the hospital?

Yes. Last year alone, nearly 500 children were admitted to Nationwide Children’s Hospital due to falls.

What age group has the most falls?

Children under 9 years old have the most falls with injury.

What are some ways to avoid falls around the house?

  • Keep cords clear of walkways.
  • Limit the number of throw rugs and tape them down.
  • Have children wear shoes with a non-skid bottom.
  • Put gates in stairways and doorways for toddlers.
  • Keep furniture at least three feet away from windows.
  • Limit activities to the proper age level for your child.

Will a screen keep a child from falling out of the window?

No. A screen is not a support device. It can pop out and allow the child to fall, causing injury. Keep furniture away from windows to avoid falls.

Is there anything that can be done to break a fall from a window?

Yes. Plant bushes or shrubs or place sand under windows. This cushions the area below the window and helps break the fall. However, the child can still be injured.

Is it important to wear a bike helmet while bike riding?

Yes. A bike helmet helps protect the head and brain from injury. Bike helmets are very important for both children and adults. (See Bike Safety brochure for more information.)

What type of protection should be worn while rollerblading or skateboarding?

A helmet, wrist pads, elbow pads and knee pads should be worn to protect against injury.

Are baby walkers safe?

No. Baby walkers allow children to do things too soon. The most common injuries from baby walkers are head injuries, followed by broken arms and legs. (See Baby Safety brochure for more information.)

What is the best type of swing for a young child unable to swing on their own?

Swings for small children should have a safety belt to prevent them from falling, and back support to keep them sitting upright.

What type of surface is the best for breaking falls on the playground?

A padded rubber surface is the best way to help break playground falls.

Is it safe for children to ride on a lawn mower, tractor or bulldozer?

No. Lawn mowers, tractors, bulldozers or any type of farm equipment are not meant for children. Children should not be on this machinery even if they are with an adult. Double riding is always unsafe.

Play Safety Brochure (PDF)