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Please contact us to order any Books & Education resources shown. If you are looking for the Gift Shop or to buy a family gift card for a patient or family, please call the Gift Shop at (614) 722-9265 and any sales associate will gladly help.

An indispensable resource for dietitians, nurses, physicians and students, this handy pocket-sized booklet provides basic nutritional information for infants. $15 + 10% S/H, and Ohio tax, if applicable.

online store infant formula

Welcome to the World Booklet: A Guide to Keeping Your New Baby Healthy and Happy

What new parent wouldn't welcome a purse-sized reference for those first days and months at home?

welcome to the world

Topics include:

  • How Newborn Babies Look
  • How New Babies Act
  • Is My Baby Sick?
  • Baby’s Bowel Movements
  • Daily Care
  • Home Safety
  • Common Health Concerns (Birth to 18 Months)
  • Also includes a page to record doctor appointment visits, growth, and immunizations.  Also available in Spanish.  $2.50 + 10% S/H, and Ohio tax.

This essential chart presents a quick review guide for various First Aid and CPR procedures. It lists the Do's and Don'ts of eight common First Aid emergencies. $3 each or 2/$5, + 10% S/H and Ohio tax.

online store pediatric emergency chart

Created for the child care professional, this poster illustrates diapering best practices for infants and toddlers. $3 each or 2/$5, + 10% S/H and Ohio tax.

online store diapering best practices

Lice, fever, and nosebleeds... School nurses have seen it all. Now you can have these and many other topics at your fingertips. This CD contains over 150 topics most requested and used by School Nurses!  With information sheets on body systems, plus new folders for ‘Asthma & Allergies’ & ‘Puberty & Reproductive Issues,’ this CD serves Nurses from K to 12.  $35 + 10% S/H. Please include your Tax ID when ordering. 

online store helping hands for school nurse CD

Developed in conjunction with Children's Practicing Pediatricians (CPP), this 2 CD set makes an excellent addition to any physician’s office. $75 + 10% S/H plus Ohio tax, if applicable.

 online store helping hands physicians set

Download FREE Safety Series Brochures. You are welcome to make copies for your organization, but changes to the brochures are not permitted.

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